drops listing fees has dropped listing fees for projects posted by the end of August, with CEO Matt Barrie urging businesses make use of the special offer to get much-needed projects off the ground.

Via, businesses can outsource over 400 different types of work, including software development, website design, graphic design, copywriting, research, engineering, manufacturing and product sourcing.

“Let your imagination run wild! Take advantage of this limited time offer to get the website built that you always wanted! We’ve got the world’s largest digital workforce ready to turn your ideas into reality. Need a logo? Got an idea for an iPhone application? Want to improve your ranking in the search engines? Hurry up and get posting because it’s free!” Barrie said.

Projects start from just $30, with promising they cost significantly less than what a business would pay to get the same work done locally.

To take advantage of this offer, visit and click “Post Project.”

  • I think we are starting to see some gaps in the model.