Groupon clone ‘OurDeal’ gets investment from Network Ten

Groupon clone ‘OurDeal’ has been bought into by Network Ten today, with the broadcast network looking to leverage its mass consumer reach to promote OurDeal’s discounts and offers.

Channel TenGroupon clones like OurDeal have been vying for dominance in a crowded market, we have already covered JumpOnIt’s launch in July as well as OurDeal’s launch into new territories and Catchoftheday spinoff Scoupon. Until the launch of by Microsoft, PBL Media and ninemsn in September all of these Groupon clones have been run by small nimble start-ups. With the announcement that Network Ten is buying into OurDeal, it will place OurDeal head to head with Cudo by having a major broadcast partner (Cudo through PBL leverages Channel 9) underpinning the group-buy website.

Network Ten chief digital media officer Nick Spooner is delighted to play a part in this new online business model.

“We were attracted to a partnership with OurDeal due to its distinctive approach, which clearly sets OurDeal apart from its competitors and which we believe is key to its goal of becoming a leader in this industry sector,” Mr Spooner said.

“With the broadcast and online resources and reach of Network Ten, we are able to add considerably to OurDeal’s growth and success.  Now, with Network Ten’s promotional push, we expect OurDeal’s membership and activity to ramp up further, quickly – as was proven with Oasis Active,” Mr Spooner said.

The partnership is a key milestone for OurDeal following its launch in the Australian market in May and the announcement of its foundation investment by Netus, an online investment company.

Julian Holman, Chief Executive and founder of OurDeal said: “We are delighted to have the support of both Network Ten and Netus as we strive to become the number one provider of the best deals for Australian online consumers.”

“Together, Network Ten and OurDeal offer an exciting proposition for merchants looking to market their services to an engaged audience of TEN’s exciting and distinctive programming,” Mr Holman said.

“TEN is the undisputed leader in the under-50s market and this means OurDeal merchants can extend the reach of the existing OurDeal online and social media outreach activity through the power of mass market television and online advertising,” Mr Holman said.

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