Let BlackBerry Apps help you run your small business

Small business owners with BlackBerry smartphones will no longer miss out on the know-how or expertise usually reserved for big business budgets with the ever increasing range of BlackBerry Apps.

Traditionally limited by staff, size (or most commonly money) small businesses can now take advantage of the knowledge and professional advice available in BlackBerry App World including apps that expertly manage contacts, schedule and finances.

Here’s how some BlackBerry Apps can help you run your small business with big business expertise:

Don’t have a book keeper to manage business expenses from day-to-day?

  • Use Business Trip Expense Manager with its user friendly interface to enter and track expenses incurred by a business traveller.
  • Automatically track your mileage with VQ Mileage Tracker every time you drive your car and make it easy to submit an expense report.

Need to liaise with prospective partners and colleagues from all over the world?

  • BlackBerry Messenger enables you to keep in touch with colleagues, book meetings and share files. And best of it, it doesn’t cost anything!*
  • Keep track of time with A Plus WorldClock Free Trial. A super fast, easy to use world clock app that supports up to 100 active clocks for timezones simultaneously with both time and date.

No personal assistant to manage your calendar and schedule?

  • With AddTo you can create Appointments, Task or Memos out of your emails & SMS in a single click on your BlackBerry!
  • Increase your productivity and combine your calendar, tasks and memos in the one place with mProductive. This great app intuitively helps you decide ‘what to leave and what to do’.

Increase the number of contacts in your BlackBerry address book with ease.

  • Stay organised with Gwabbit as it automatically scans incoming BlackBerry emails, finds contacts, and instantly transforms them into contact records within your address book.
  • Sort that stack of business cards by taking photos of the cards and let ProOnGo Business Card Reader
  • Be fully prepared for any interview or client meeting as LinkedIn helps you connect with over 70 million professionals worldwide.

Need help booking flights, coordinating your schedule and getting to meetings?

  • Book, manage and check-in for flights from your BlackBerry with Virgin Blue Check-Mate.
  • Use WorldMate as a personal travel assistant. This great app will automatically identify your flights, hotel, and car rental though confirmation emails and create a single itinerary with all the details synched to your BlackBerry.
  • Drive Safe.ly reads incoming communication aloud, allowing you to dictate and send messages and emails while your hands are safely on the wheel.

Need to share data with colleagues over a secure platform that doesn’t require you to be in the office?

  • MyFormsGenie allows you to customise and design your own application for BlackBerry as data can be created as XML, Excel, CSV or PDF format.
  • Have access to your data anytime, anywhere from any device, when SugarSync combines your secure online backup, file synchronisation, remote access, and file sharing into one simple solution.

Want to stay ahead of your competitors and stay on top of the breaking news, business trends and industry coverage?

  • The Bloomberg Businessweek mobile application offers forward looking content, including the top global business news and market analysis.

Download these apps now from BlackBerry App World today! Download BlackBerry App World directly to your BlackBerry smartphone by visiting www.blackberry.com/appworld or mobile.blackberry.com.

  • Thanks for the mention of ProONGo Business Card Reader! We also have another app that we have made specifically for tracking business expenses. It’s a free download for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.

  • Never realised that BlackBerry had such a broad range of business related applications. I should have however given that the first Carbonite app was in fact for the BlackBerry. They certainly have a challenge on their hands in terms of business use phones. Whilst emails etc are much better on the BlackBerry, the smart tools are definitely sitting with the iPhone. The one thing I have never understood about the BlackBerry is why they didn’t put greater focus on the everyday consumer, even at the top end. Demand should be driven both ways. From the CFO or IT looking for a solution and for the user saying this is the phone I want.