Local grocers can now compete with leading retailers online

Australian grocers now have an easy and affordable way to establish an online presence thanks to SOCexchange.com.au‘s new Click and Collect feature.

SOCexchange.com.au has developed a new feature called Click and Collect. It aims to accommodate local grocers who are often too time and resource-poor to establish an online presence.

With the ever-expanding online food marketplace, local grocers no longer have to be left behind and can now compete with large retailers like Woolworths and Coles, who have long embraced the benefits of catering to busy customers who prefer to shop online.

“It’s now time for all fresh food retailers to claim their shop space in Australia’s online food marketplace. When it comes to fresh food, many consumers are loyal to their local retailer who they trust to provide quality produce at good prices,” said CEO of SOCexchange.com.au, Franco Lagudi.

“But with the explosion of online shopping, even customers that were once only loyal in-store are now shopping online. If local retailers don’t jump on board now and claim their space, it won’t be long before a larger retailer takes their place.”

The launch of this latest offering will provide shoppers the opportunity to select fresh produce, pay online, and collect at their own convenience.

Harris Farm Markets Edgecliff in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and Mother Nature Coffs Harbour are among the first to embrace this new technology.

With SOCexchange.com.au offering a specialised support team, retailers are required to carry out the bare minimum to run their online store that is tailored to suit their business.

“There is no need for retailers to be computer savvy as all stock information and pricing can be given over the phone or via email and our team will manage the rest,” Lagudi said.