Making the Cloud work for your business

Man with cloud floating over his hand

One strategy doesn’t fit all. Here are seven areas in which cloud computing can benefit both your customers and your profits.

In his book Cloudonomics, author Joe Weinman explains how businesses can strategically employ cloud computing to both generate profitable revenue and deliver clear benefits to clients and customers. In this edited excerpt, Weinman outlines how small businesses can best use the cloud.

The cloud — shorthand for “cloud computing” — is appropriate for many things but not for everything. “It depends” is often the correct answer: Different companies with different strategies at different times may have different perspectives on where and why to use the cloud. Here are a few examples of how the cloud can benefit a small business.

Add competencies. The cloud may offer a competency that you don’t have: tax-preparation algorithms embedded in an online tax service; information on flight schedules, prices and expected delays; stock-market data; and algorithms for finding matches between people and movies, and between people and people.

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