Netflix Australia overcharges customers multiple times

Some Australian customers have been charged multiple times by streaming giant Netflix, with at least one customer reporting being charged for the service up to 11 times.

An error on Netflix’s end has led to users having their bank accounts charged their chosen monthly fee repeatedly in a single day. Unsurprisingly, Netflix customers hit Twitter to express their frustrations.

“Netflix charged me twice im a poor student why would they do this to me [sic],” wrote one user.

“If you use Netflix Australia you might want to look over your bank statement. Being charged four times in a month seems excessive, no?” wrote another.

“We are aware a small percentage of Australian and New Zealand members experienced multiple credit card authorisations for monthly billing,” Netflix said in a statement.

“While no extra money was withdrawn from users’ accounts, it may take several days for the authorisations to drop from users’ bank accounts. Members may contact Netflix customer service if they have additional issues. We regret any inconvenience related to the problem.”

Netflix’s Twitter response: