Want to trial the cloud before you buy?

Cloud computing

Fujitsu has detailed a free trial program for its cloud services, designed to give independent software vendors (ISVs) and SMEs the opportunity to see if the cloud will work for their business before being locked into a contract.

Organisations can take part in a two-month free trial any time over the next three months, allowing them to try Fujitsu’s cloud platform before buying without charge or risk.

According to Fujitsu ANZ Executive General Manager and CTO Craig Baty, since the company’s cloud went live in September 2010, it’s seen a high level of interest from enterprise and government customers.

“We have introduced this trial offer as an added incentive that will appeal to smaller organisations.”

Access to the platform includes Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, and Platform as a Service.

Baty says ISVs will benefit from the platform which allows them to sell their software as a service to a global market, whilst the services will allow SMEs to allocate ICT infrastructure and services to match demand.

“They will only pay for the service they need at any time which will reduce the need to have dedicated infrastructure installed that is under-utilised.”

Fujitsu guarantees availability to the platform to be at least 99.95 percent. It includes multi tier security and is simple to build and manage with the use of its browser interface.