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Company in court for helping businesses write ‘customer’ reviews

Business in hot water for 'misleading' customers.

Week in review

Dynamic Business chooses the best snippets of the week.

Report: Australia punches above its weight with Blockchain Innovation

New report released on Blockchain innovation in Australia.

Project announced to help small businesses leverage digital opportunities

Small businesses are sometimes unaware of digital ventures available to them.

New $30m venture to help startups who put customers first

New venture launches to help startups.

Major banks still ‘feeding’ off small businesses

Kate Carnell has expressed concern that promises have not been kept.

ACCC calls for crackdown on tech giants

ACCC releases preliminary report on Facebook and Google.

Company fined $1m for making false claims to farmers

"Exaggerated marketing is a major concern across the industry."

This week in review

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SMEs are paying more than $130k to resolve disputes

Why are small business paying so much to resolve disputes?