Switching accountants: why bother?

Aussie DollarFor most business owners, switching accountants is a painful thought. It is definitely one action which is not taken on a whim.

The top reasons people hate switching accountants are:

1. They believe that costs may be substantially different upon moving elsewhere

2. They’re satisfied with the standard given as is

3. Possible delays, loss of files or history of data on transition

4. They don’t know any different – accountants are all the same

5. Awkwardness of ‘sacking’ an accountant when they haven’t really done anything wrong

6. Tax and accountants are boring; why spend more time than required switching and thinking about them?

7. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” as you could be “jumping out of the frying pan into the fire”.

  • With regard to #3 ~ How can you gauge that the accountant you are thinking of moving to is better equipped to deal with where your business is now at than staying where you are?

  • Very timely article, thanks Janna. The first point certainly resonates with me and my business as we changed accountants because of the lack of communication with our initial accountant however the move didn’t prove too fruitful.

    Interesting point also Linda, short answer = you can’t!

  • Hi Linda

    I think you need to ask yourself the question – what do I want from an accountant?” Is it just compliance work or do you want more? and then actively question the prospects to ensure they meet your needs

    Get recommendations – as a bookkeeper I work with a number of accountants who all provide differing levels of service to their clients and as bookkeepers when asked for a referral we can generally give a client a list of accountants who we believe will fit their needs

    If you are looking for an expert in small business who cares about her clients my sole recommendation would be Janna Fikh