How to get a pay rise in tough times

In such a tough economic climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employees to retain their jobs, let alone even consider the prospect of a pay rise. has ten top tips on how to successfully pitch for a pay rise in tough times.

  1. Don’t just sit back and expect a pay rise.
  2. Let the boss know you will be making a case for a pay rise in writing.
  3. Next document your achievements.
  4. Compare what you do in reality to your job description to demonstrate what you do beyond what you get paid to do.
  5. Include any extra responsibilities due to redundancies.
  6. Research salaries by checking with a recruitment consultant and the surveys in the Salary Centre on
  7. Let the boss have your pitch and give him/her time to read through it alone.
  8. If the boss doesn’t set up meeting time, follow up.
  9. When asking for pay rise stay calm. Don’t whine or threaten.
  10. Have a list of non-monetary rewards ready in case there is no money for a pay rise.