Tips for controlling your business summer power bill

Power Lines

Though it might not feel like it yet, summer’s just around the corner which means air-conditioners will soon start adding dollars to your business power bill. But there are a few simple ways to keep usage under control during the hot summer months.

According to Make It Cheaper CEO Tim Wolfenden, research shows power-hungry air-conditioners significantly bump up electricity bills in summer.

“However, with a few smart moves, businesses could buck the trend and reduce their electricity bills this year.”

Wolfenden has created five easy-to-follow steps that could potentially save businesses hundreds of dollars on their electricity bill:

1.    Air conditioners: cool rather than chill by reducing the temperature by just a few degrees. Trying to chill the room will be costly

2.    Motion sensitive lighting: install a sensor to switch lights on only when they are needed.

3.    Low energy globes: make sure all lighting uses low-energy globes.

4.    Switch off computers: big screens use lots of power, so keep them switched off when they aren’t being used.

5.    Switch and save: in the current competitive marketplace you could switch supplier and save up to 15 percent on your electricity bill. Call an energy expert to help you switch to the best deal.

Wolfenden has also busted some common electricity supplier myths, including:

  • It’s too hard to switch: Switching supplier is easy – it only take a few minutes to complete the paper work, which can all be done over the phone.
  • My power will get cut off: Switching is seamless – your electricity supply will not be affected. The only difference will be the supplier’s name at the top of the bill, and the price you pay.
  • There’s no saving to be made: There’s a range of electricity suppliers operating in NSW, QLD and Victoria – all of these are vying for your business, offering cheaper rates to beat the incumbent suppliers.
  • Every NSW small business is eligible for a HIGHLY subsidised energy assessment from the NSW State government. Details are as follows:
    – Undertake an energy assessment for either $75 or $150 (depends on size)
    – Receive a full breakdown of where your $$ is being spent and how you can fix it
    – Receive up to $2000 or $5000 (depends on size) in 50:50 funding to make the changes

    $150 for $5000 is a pretty good deal (Thanks Barry F)

    This is a fantastic program where my team has helped (on the NSW government panel to undertake the works) over 100 SMEs reduce their consumption. More details? E-mail me at 🙂