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How to effectively manage your brand

Your brand is what sells your product. Brand management builds and

Promote your business all year long: Leveraging events, networks, sponsorships and more

Promoting your business is a full-time job. There’s traditional and digital

5 Common misconceptions about social media marketing

Like most things that are trendy, everyone has something to say

2700 New followers in 16 minutes for one ‘scoping’ Australian business

In March 2015 the Twitter owned app, Periscope, launched offering a

How social is your strategy?

Facebook is only nine years old, and Twitter is around seven,

Harness the power of hashtags

After humble beginnings on Twitter just a few years ago, the

Multi-screening a marketing opportunity for SMEs

People often lament the damage smartphones have done to the average

How to get customers talking about your business online

In a world where your competitors are only one click away,

How to make social media work for you

Social media is a critical tool in promoting your business, products

Social media is getting nasty. How can you rise above it?

With social media widening its reach by the day, etiquette is