Getting to know Pinterest, the new online ‘it girl’

Pinterest logo

Have you heard all the buzz about Pinterest, but can’t figure out how to get started with it? In the first of a three-part article series, Nancy Georges looks at getting your business or brand acquainted with the newest online craze.

For those of us who have been using Pinterest for a while now, we are not surprised it’s becoming the ultimate connecting & sharing tool.

I started using it in May 2011. I try almost everything new, it’s my job, but Pinterest was different from the beginning, I loved it and found it pretty addictive, one click lead to a board which lead to another…

From the start, Pinterest was a god-send for me. I had been saving images to my computer in folders and taking up a lot of space, on and offline. Now my pics are available online, in groups and I can share them.

Pinterest, for those who do not know what it is, is an online bookmarking tool/online pin board. It is total eye-candy; beautiful, delicious, creative eye-candy. It reminds me of when Facebook was new and we all uploaded and shared our pictures – that is what drove us to easily adopt it.

But Pinterest is better! The minute you start, you realise there’s a wonderful world that awaits your discovery. You become a curator of what you see online, but remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Pinterest have created a tool, the ‘Pin It’ Button, which allows us to do what comes naturally;

• See a picture we like on the web;

• ‘Pin it’ to a board (save it organised in a group/theme);

• Check out our friends’ activity; and

• Share and like their pictures – on Pinterest and on other social media sites.

It also makes these things easier than ever before:

• Finding new friends, contacts, influencers, products, customers and suppliers, based on common interests;

• Finding new sources;

• ‘Following’ people, businesses and brands we like; and

• Gaining insight into a person’s creativity.

I was instantly impressed by the quality of the images and the variety of people on Pinterest. Over the last month or so, I have noticed a lot of the ‘geeks’ have started boards, so this will add another dimension. Whether this will be popular with hard-core Pinners will remain to be seen.

Unlike other sites, Pinterest does not manipulate us to do its bidding, as users we don’t have to do anything that is odd – we are simply flicking through pages of the web and cutting the pics out that we like and pasting them to a board… online.

By simply adding the ‘Pin It’ button to your internet browser toolbar, you can ‘Pin’ almost any picture online to a board of your choice. Almost you ask? Yes. You can’t Pin pictures from Facebook and sites who opt out of having their contents pinned.