Social media + PR = success!

Social Media Graphic - stick figures with speech bubbles over their heads

Public relations creates a two-way communication between an organisation and its audience, or a person and the people they want to influence. Guess what social media does? Exactly the same thing!

So when you combine social media with PR, it’s a collision that catapults your profile, reputation and credibility exponentially.

Why is it so powerful?

With PR, the media’s representation of a story can significantly impact on public opinion about an organisation, product or even a person. Editorial has a credibility factor as it is endorsed by the journalist or third party. However, there is always the risk that you can’t control what the journalist writes so then you consider going straight to the source – via social media.

With social media, you are developing credible relationships with huge numbers of people directly – often they feel that this relationship is one on one. Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you’re cutting out the third party and offering your messages directly. It is a much quicker, more direct route of communication to a very targeted audience who have chosen to engage with your brand on social media.

You can actually become the direct source of news about your company or brand by writing a blog and posting articles or media releases on your website. This can help raise your profile, increase your credibility as an expert in your field and all that fresh, relevant content being posted online certainly doesn’t hurt your SEO efforts!

A foot in both camps

Because of the rapid speed with which a social media misstep can become a PR disaster, you need to have a media radar. You also need to be in the conversation already to manage crisis situations.

Just as there is crisis management within a traditional public relations role, social media can also lead to some negative press which is understandable when you have a platform that can become anyone’s soap box. A fear of what people might say about you in the public space is not a reason to avoid using social media.

In reality, people are going to say whatever they want about your company, the difference is whether you are already a part of the conversation with them. This gives you the chance to intercept and implement damage control before the conversations get out of hand.