5 practical tips to improve your email marketing

Getting your email opened is the first step but convincing people to click on your links is the end goal. Here are 5 practical tips to improve your email marketing.

In a previous blog post we explored how to use your name, subject line and pre-header text to help your email stand out in the inbox and get opened. But while you definitely want people to open your email, it’s not the most important thing.

What’s even more important is that people convert. Namely, when you break it down with respect to email marketing, you want people to click your links.

Now this is a big topic that incorporates a lot of factors such as design, offer, copy, images, timing and reputation. Together they all play a role in whether email recipients click your links or not. But where do you start if people are not responding to your email? What do you do if nobody is clicking your links?

To help answer these questions, check out this short video (below) for five practical tips you can implement straight away with your email marketing.