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Let’s Talk… Innovation

Customer obsession and innovation are “very much on a continuum”, Russ

Let’s Talk… Startup founders

A CEO landed himself in some hot water, this week, due

Let’s Talk… Celebrating Success

For this week’s “Let’s Talk…” feature, we asked nearly a dozen

Let’s Talk… Smart Growth

When startup founders first get up and running, they must, of

Let’s Talk… Culture

Let’s play a game of word association. When I say ‘company

Let’s Talk… cash flow

Inadequate cash flow has been cited as the cause of two

Let’s Talk… founder/investor fit

Startup founders in search of the ‘right investor’ mustn’t let themselves

Let’s Talk… Disruption

Industries left, right and centre are being infiltrated by tech-driven startups

Let’s Talk… Ecommerce

As consumers increasingly opt for online shopping experiences over in-store, businesses

Let’s Talk… Starting a business

“Some first-time startup founders buy into the myth that they will