6 steps to hosting a successful LinkedIn Group

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It’s easy for neglect, spammers and poor practices to devalue a LinkedIn Group. Get back on track with advice from some pros.

LinkedIn has been the de facto social media platform for business for some time now, and its popularity continues to grow. If you’re like me, you probably log into LinkedIn regularly–maybe even daily–to view, research, communicate or connect. One conduit of all this activity is LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Groups can be a mecca for connecting, learning and sharing with other people. Or they can be a waste of time, particularly if a group provides nothing of value to members or gets overrun by spammers. If you manage one of these kinds of groups or are thinking of creating a LinkedIn group of your own, follow these best practices.

1.  Set clear goals. The goals of your group will dictate many things–for example whether your group will be a closed or open community. Goals can change over time, but you should have some–and they shouldn’t be about self-promotion. “Have a mission and a passion for the community you will be building,” advises Trish Bertuzzi, president and chief strategist of The Bridge Group and founder of the Inside Sales Experts LinkedIn Group.

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