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I am excited about writing another blog and happy to support Dynamic Business, but like most CEOs running a business, it’s now another thing on the to-do list for me. I am sure this is how most other business owners feel too. Can we really be bothered?  Won’t it all just pass as a fad? Where do we have the time to market, communicate, opinionate? Don’t we have enough to do already? So I completely understand when our clients and contacts come to us with the same problem.

However, the truth is whether we are part of it or not, the conversation is happening. It will go on regardless, so my instinct is to be part of it.  As far as I’m concerned, I will engage, share views and experiences and involve myself in the debate. In recent weeks, mass media has given a lot of attention to social media – it is undoubtedly a powerful tool. Just look at average punters such as the Chk Chk Boom Girl and Susan Boyle who have been elevated to global celebrity status – plus the 1000’s of instant Twitter updates this week on the missing Air France plane.  Social media tools are gaining popularity and instantly engage an audience. They work in real time and gain new users who choose to get their updates direct from these platforms rather than RSS or news websites.

There is an argument that social media such as Twitter is just a phase – in a sense this could be right as media is constantly evolving with increasingly dynamic technology – I started on a telex machine! People may abandon certain forms of social media in a few years, but emerging technologies mean another platform or tool will replace them and the conversations will still go on. So engage. And tell me what would be useful in a marketing blog for you?

Top tip: If you want to engage in social media but haven’t got time to – direct and delegate it – just do it.

  • In addition to just doing it you also need to do some planning. Starting a blog is one thing, writing regular articles is another. Some CEO’s eg John Linton from Exetel writes daily (with great detail), others start and then don’t know what to contribute each day, week or month. As with any communication, its has to have value in it for the reader. Same goes with Twitter, what are you going to tell your followers that will keep them following you?

    The blog/news section of the Carbonite site is filled with industry related articles. The focus being on educating readers about online backup etc.

    With Twitter @CarboniteAU my focus is on general product and admin issues.

  • The time factor is a big one. I suppose my question is whether you can pick your media – I’ve personally ignored Facebook but am keen on Twitter, but is that enough of a ‘conversation’?

    Unfortunately as soon as you put staff on a task you lose credibility. Think of Hugh Jackman’s ‘Opera centre’ gaffe where it was his US assistant who tweeted for him; public perception of your profile can suffer if you are found not to be the person behind the blogs, tweets and status changes.

  • @Adeline – I think you can only do what you can do – and test each medium. Relax and enjoy it. Keep the dialogue open as much as you can and ask others for advice.

    Re. Hugh Jackman – I agree. But the key is in the delegation. Quite ok to put staff on a task to draft under your instructions and then add your own stamp before it goes live. No different from politicians having speech writers. However, the writers have to be writing within policy and be well briefed and well proofed. Delegation has to have some rules around it.

    @Arthur – I agree – issues haven’t changed. We used to have the same dilemma’s with printed newsletters! The key is to start how you mean to go on.

  • “Just do it” …I completely agree. The conversations are happening so it only makes sense to get involved in them. Everything changes in business. It is just happening much more rapidly now than ever before. I strongly feel that the companies that learn how to engage their customers and employees on these new mediums will create competitive advantages that will be difficult to catch up to.

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    Nelson Bruton