Hey, Mark Zuckerberg: It’s time to start charging for Facebook

Facebook.com screenshot

Inc.com columnist Phil Simon says Facebook could solve a few key problems with one simple solution. 

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg:

You’re clearly one of the smartest entrepreneurs around today. Despite that (or maybe because of it), there’s no shortage of talking heads giving you unsolicited advice. Add me to that list.

With Facebook closing in on one billion users, kudos are in order. You’ve built the single most popular website (nay, company) in history. To your credit, you’ve consistently put the user experience at the top of your priority list ever since you founded The Facebook back at Harvard. But you’re not in Cambridge anymore.

The Tide Is Turning

The user experience doesn’t appear to be at the top of Facebook’s priority list anymore. To be sure, that list is no longer just yours, even though you control 57 percent of your company’s voting shares.

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