Media farce created with a “Chk Chk Boom”

So I am sure by now everyone has heard of the “Chk Chk Boom” girl who became an internet sensation overnight for her recount of a shooting in Kings Cross she was witness to. Now first off, I have to admit that I had a little bit of a giggle over her stupidity. Come on people, where do they find someone like that?

But I think the main issue that everyone seems to be sweeping under the rug is that an actual crime was committed. Someone was shot, and presumably died. (Did he die? Is he alright? What happened to the shooter? Was he charged?) But the media have chosen to ignore that very serious CRIMINAL fact and instead focus on some silly girl and turn it all into a big joke. Chk Chk Boom t-shirts, coffee mugs and beer steins are being sold across the country, people are spawning their own rap versions of witness accounts and the girl has even hired a PR agent. As a society we seem to praise the stupid and prop them up to be celebrities in their own right, famous for nothing; while we ignore the fact that crime on Sydney streets is escalating, and the media seem to be making a mockery of it.

Sydney is becoming an incredibly dangerous place to be after hours, with stabbings, shootings and drunken fights the norm on a Saturday night. Is that what our society has come to? We ignore a serious crime because it’s not newsworthy enough and instead choose to turn it all into a big joke. The fact that the nation has embraced this girl makes us all just as idiotic.

I am in the media and I am appalled at the lack of ethics some journalists and members of society have.

I think as a society we need to pull our heads in and stop glamourising crime, and the media need to report on things that matter, like why a shooting occurred out in the open in front of hundreds of witnesses and how we can solve the problem of the crime occurring on Sydney streets every day.

  • Steve

    yeah, I went to the Cross for a bucks night and it was intense. maybe the only way people can deal with the dark side of life is to make a joke about it. shame the media has to feed into the frenzy though. remind me exactly why this rap video is newsworthy? at some point someone somewhere decided that it was. who was that idiot? and more importantly, why are we still talking about it? doesn’t that just fan the flame?? sigh.

  • Apart from the fact the whole thing is possibly a PR stunt anyway, I don’t think people finding this fabulous example of a bogan funny means they aren’t concerned about crime. I don’t even think she is being deliberately propelled to celebrity status either. It’s just a very funny YouTube video that did the rounds, as they do. It’s just funny, end of. And as someone who lived in London before moving to Sydney, I don’t think it’s an “incredibly dangerous” city. There are obvious areas to avoid late at night if you don’t want trouble, but it’s the same anywhere.
    While I agree that it’s of course terrible and of concern that there was a murder, I very much doubt it was a stranger attack that the general public need to be alarmed about.

  • Mad dog lady

    The dance remixes of Clare’s comments are some of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

    And the shooting victim was in a stable condition at last report.

  • It was funny at first but then it represented the increased inanity we’re being fed by mainstream media over information that is perhaps more relevant for the greater population. They led with the girl on the landing page of a major news website!

  • Dickey Knee

    He wasn’t killed! He was shot in the leg.

    Glamourising crime like this sells more newspapers and gets more people onto websites which in turn leads to more $$. Pretty simple business formula but we shouldn’t be shocked that this has happened, Murdoch has been doing it for years!

    I would much rather see a funny youtube clip at work than read about more gun crime in the heart of the city.

  • Danielle

    It was funny, but obviously rehearsed. If it wasn’t a PR stunt, it was definitely an attempt by the girl at her 15 minutes of fame, which she definitely got.

    Truth is, so much crime happens that goes unreported, so I don’t think that “everyone seems to be sweeping under the rug is that an actual crime was committed”.

    Nobody’s hiding the fact that we live in a world with crime. We all know it’s out there and I’m sure we all know it’s a serious issue.

    In all, it’s just a funny video.

  • Amanda

    This video cracked me up, it could go on ‘funniest crime videos’ if there was such a show.

    I agree that it was filmed, made it to Youtube (as does loads of random footage these days), got loads of laughs and now everyone is talking about it. It’s just unfortunate that it happened to be filmed at the scene of a serious crime.

    The ‘so called’ news makes it to television, and the rest makes it to Youtube.

  • Chris

    I don’t think it is a funny video when it shows a girl who can’t put two decent words together and uses racist names to give an eyewitness account. Then there’s the fool who sticks his head in and says “it was awesome”. For crying out loud, a human being shot another human being! Tragic example of some of today’s youth…

    More than that, I’m appalled that a so-called news outlet would publish this using this girl’s words and that video as a basis for the story. The quality of some news journalism is questionable these days…

    Lastly, I am a PR professional and find it absolutely disgusting that a purported PR agent has sunk down to this low and is now representing this girl. People like this who claim to be in PR are an embarrassment to the PR profession and bring us professionals down. It’s a wonder why PR is referred to as the dark side and we are stereotyped in the same respect as used car salesmen.

  • Bazza

    Don’t criticise the eyewitness!!!
    she is just an innocent by-stander, in shock, expressing what she saw in her own words. and doing a mighty fine job of impersonating two fully sick bros.

    Actually i think she’s hot. anyone got her agents number?
    BTW Chris, PR is not a profession.
    Personally, I rate used car salesmen as having a higher standing in the community.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please spare us the moral on what we ought to be doing “as a society”: Even if I am not opposed to your point “in principle”, how do you suggest we actually make such worthy ideals happen as individuals? Like it or not, popular media reflects “our society”‘s need for such content and “our society” is increasingly generating the content that suits its own needs without the help of “the media” you belong to…

  • It was funny and she meant it in humour for any friends watching, so I see no problem with her actions… It’s amazing how it has grown so big over night. I even found this domain name on E-Bay !!

  • Giorgis

    Even better the bit that media will never say. This is what they call news. No investigation just pump it through …

  • KAYO MARBILUS MYSPACE MUSIC PAGE BLOGS CLARE Werbeloff, the so-called “Chk-Chk Boom” woman who became an internet sensation after witnessing a shooting in Sydney’s King Cross red-light district, has inspired a YouTube dance remix. Werbeloff spawned a new Internet meme this week after her politically incorrect quotes on a Channel Nine TV news interview became the hottest video on the Internet. “There were these two wogs fighting,” said the 19-year-old in the interview. “The fatter wog said to the skinnier wog: ‘Oi bro, you slept with my cousin’. And the other one said: ‘Nah man, I didn’t for shit, eh’ and the other one goes: ‘I will call on my fully sick boys, eh’. And then pulled out a gun and went chk-chk boom!” The news video was viewed more than 100,000 times this week and was still doing 3000 views per hour this evening on Nine’s ninemsn website. Chk-Chk Boom fans can already snap up t-shirts from $8.50, coffee mugs from $11.99 and ceramic beer steins from $13.99.

  • Some Random

    She’s an idiot and should not open her mouth. Ever.

  • anon

    \\\”she is just an innocent by-stander, in shock, expressing what she saw in her own words\\\”

    what?? she made it up!!
    she is such an idiot