6 ways to reduce printing costs

In order to help you reduce your printing costs, HP has provided the follow tips:

  • Choose a printer with the ability to print duplex (double sided) in order to reduce paper usage by up to 30 percent.
  • Choose energy efficient products to reduce energy consumption.
  • Choose a printer that has the ability to digitise documents – businesses can save approximately 20-30 percent on waste and storage costs with short-run on-demand digital printing.
  • Choose a printing solution that allows you to take control of your printing – HP’s Output Management Solution can save up to 70 percent of printed pages.
  • Choose a printer that can save your business on outsourcing costs by allowing you to develop marketing collateral in-house.
  • Use one print driver for multiple devices to help eliminate the need for expensive print servers.

For more information, please visit the HP website.

  • Great advice and better still ensure your printer has a good support service. This can frustrating if you cannot access support when and if you require. This means buying from a reputable retailer that has relationships with the manufacturer.

  • Another tip is to check how many page you can print per dollar before you buy your printer. It may be better to pay more for the printer. Sometimes more expensive printers have cheaper per page print costs. You could also check to see if third-party cartridges are available for your chosen printer.

  • wendy

    Thanks for the tips. I found these tips that also might help. http://www.cmfsupplies.com/NJ-PA/ink-toner/reduce-printing-costs.php