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Four pitfalls new business starters must avoid

In the ten years since I started my technology consultancy WebVine,

Avoiding boredom in your business

As an entrepreneur with a very niche business, a specific target

The hidden costs of starting a business

Startups with good a business plan give comfort to entrepreneurs and investors in

So, your business is up and running…now, which growth stage do you aim to reach?

To beat the odds in small business, the focus for the

So, you’ve left your job to start a business… now what? What to know about the first year

The first year of a new business is critical, with repeated

Fear not; it’s risky business but not as hard as you think says Steve Baxter of start-up hub River City Labs

Some might argue that ‘business’ is synonymous with risk; and in

From corporate banking to handyman: A change really is as good as a holiday

We work hard and we strive for promotion; we get promoted

6 Things every start-up needs to know about running a business

Behind every start up is an aspiration to do something different.

7 Things that will change the way you approach tech start-ups

When approaching a tech start-up, there are a lot of intervals

Finding your business niche

Many people dream of starting their own business, whether it’s a