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5 easy strategies to steal from Google for a happier office

Man jumping for joy in field

The tech giant is known for being a great place to work. Here’s how you can make your office more like Google.

By now, you’re probably aware of Google’s company perks-the free haircuts, on-site doctors, shuttle buses, etc. But apparently, these perks aren’t lavish wastes of money. They are calculated processes that not only make employees happy, but also benefit the company as a whole. recently took an in-depth look at the company’s meticulous and scientific approach to creating and maintaining these happy employees. While your company may lack Google’s bountiful resources (few companies, after all, can offer Google’s death benefits), key company practices can still be applied to your business.

Act like a scientist. Google has reportedly hired social scientists to run a bevy of tests on employees. A free way to do this yourself? Collect data on employees by having them fill out surveys. This is the first step to developing a better culture.

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