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Six ways to get customers to love your business

Two painted fingers representing a couple in love

Dynamic Business is bringing you our top stories from 2012 over the break. Read on for some great lessons in how to improve customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is all about attracting the right customer. It’s about getting them to buy, buy often and deliver you even more customers, and the following six tips will help you make customers feel more attached to your business.

Last month, one of Australia’s biggest retailers, Coles, took its war with Woolworths to a new level with the relaunch of its loyalty program, Flybuys.

The campaign saw Coles target eight million existing, and previous, customers issuing them with a new card which will enable them to cash in loyalty points and potentially save hundreds of dollars a year on their grocery bills.

Coles MD Ian McLeod summed it up well when he said “Our aim was to find new ways to give our customers something truly worthwhile as a thank you for choosing to shop with us.”

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