When ambush marketing goes wrong

Little boy in long grass, with binoculars

Dynamic Business is bringing you our top stories from 2012 over the break. Here’s a great lesson from July 4 on why not all publicity is good publicity.

A PR stunt by the CEO of Energy Watch during the final The Block has proven that not all publicity is good publicity. It was a classic case of failed ambush marketing, rendering an attempt at publicity pointless. Here’s why.

Social media was in a spin on Sunday night when Energy WatchCEO Danny Wallis successfully bid on a new property during the final of the reality TV show The Block.

In an attempt to bring publicity to his brand, Wallis turned up at the auction wearing a teeshirt emblazoned with his Energy Watch logo. He also brought along a couple of women, also wearing the tees, before making erratic bids for the property.  He eventually won the auction with a final bid of $1,400,001.01 (that’s right, one cent!).

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